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Everyday Faves - Breakfast

*Breakfast Burrito

A fresh hot tortilla stuffed with perfectly scrambled eggs and cheese, smothered with our own red or green chile. Served with our delicious pinto beans or flying taters. *Customer Favorite

Bacon $1Sausage $1Ham $1Chorizo $1Veggies $1Carne Adovada $2Corned Beef $2Brisket $2
Red or Green Chile:Red Green Xmas
Pinto Beans or Flying Taters:Pinto Beans Flying Taters
Hand held or smothered:Smothered +$11.95Hand held-Bacon +$6.99Hand held-Ham +$6.99Hand held-Chorizo +$6.99Hand held-sausage +$6.99Hand Held-veggies +$6.99Hand Held-Carne Adobada +$6.99Hand held- Brisket +$6.99Hand held -corned Beef +$6.99

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